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Generation Z Keynote - master the beat of the next Generation

Gen Z is radically changing the way we work! How? Book Europe’s most innovative youth researcher for a glimpse into the future of work and an inspiring Generation Z Keynote with real impact.

Covid-19 update – understanding the impact of the pandemic on GenZ’s life, work and future.

Engage your audience with interactive speaker formats

Simon Schnetzer is the top expert for Generation Y and Generation Z in Germany. In his Generation Z keynote he enthuses the audience with valuable insights, a great generational strategy-tool and hands-on advice for anyone leading and working with GenZ. Simon offers interactive formats such as live-coaching, innovation sprints or pop-up barcamps to connect your audience and creatively develop solutions for the most pressing GenZ challenges. You will learn to love them <3.

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"It’s GenZ itself teaching you the best tricks to excite them. Let me present you intriguing insights and provide you with handy tricks to solve any generational challenge with GenZ."

Simon Schnetzer | Youth Researcher, Speaker, Trainer

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Care about Generation Z! They’re changing everything

Sounds like you’ve heard the very same thing before. About Generation Y. Right. But there were no smartphones when Gen Y grew up. Gen Z is the first generation that doesn’t compare the analogue past with the way they act, communicate and organize themselves now. When we dig deeper into the lives of Generation Z, you’ll be surprised how smartphones lead to stronger family bonds, more fear of the future and an ever increasing pressure to perform well. It is harder to attract Gen Z’s attention and more challenging to lead this generation with little career ambitions and used to instant feedback. All this is true before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. But Covid-19 and the ensuing crises of health, wealth and economy have a dramatic impact on families and friendship, schooling and work, priorities and perspectives.

How do you excite GenZ for your goals, products or services?How do you manage and lead GenZ in multi-generational teams?How do you engage GenZ to cocreate the future?Change is in the air. Let Simon show you how to succeed with GenZ.

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What can you expect from Simon’s Generation Z Keynote?

In 2010 Simon Schnetzer started the survey “Young Germans” and decided to become a youth researcher. Why? Because he wanted to design the future of life and work together with young people. Today he helps employers creating the future of life at work, at home, online and in multigenerational contexts. Companies and brands learn to attract, excite and retain young people as employees, followers and customers. This Generation Z Keynote excels – it delivers what you should know (insights, strategy, best practice) with the performance of a top keynote speaker:

  • Deep insights: the latest trends and data you need to know about Gen Z
  • Proven strategy: the ABBAS-concept to attract, motivate and retain Gen Z
  • Best practice: inspiring stories and ready to apply tools to reach your goals PLUS
  • Innovative audience interaction: live-coaching, innovation sprint or barcamp

With Simon’s innovative formats of audience interaction you can boost the impact of a keynote by connecting your audience and open up a space to take ideas further and create solutions together.

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