YES COWORK is an Erasmus+ funded European project to professionalise ideas and create perspectives for young people in Europe through entrepreneurship. The partners in this project are Aina Pujol (CAUdel’ArT Pirineus, Spain), Sandra Justo (CEGE, Portugal) and Simon Schnetzer (Datajockey, Germany).


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In July 2015 the coordinators of the Erasmus+ Project YES COWORK met near Barcelona. The objective of the meeting meet each other and develop the project on the basis of each partner’s strengths. We put our heads together, how the idea to make better use of all the ideas generated in trans-European meetings could be turned into sustainable action. To that end we intend to combine our backgrounds in entrepreneurship and professional project management and we’ll create an easy to use yet powerful platform.


Stay tuned so see how YES cowork unfolds its potential to give more social and economic impact to European meetings.


We are:
Aina Pujol – CAUdel’ArT Pirineus (Centre de Creació, innovació i desenvolupament Social, Spain)
Sandra Justo – CEGE (Centro de Estudos de Gestao, Lisbon, Portugal)
Simon Schnetzer – Datajockey (Action research & training, Kempten, Germany)

The project receives funding from:
Erasmus+ (EU)
Generalitat de Catalunya | Direcció General de Joventut

More information:

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